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Concentrating on non-surgical or minimally-invasive procedures, our medical team are highly trained in the latest techniques.

We offer a wide range of treatments using the latest medical technologies, such as; wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels, LED light therapy, skin care, body contouring treatments, weight loss and management and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


Reduce, prevent and reverse the signs of ageing and skin damage.

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Help your skin look rejuvenated and healthy.

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Holistic approach to promote optimal health.

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Lose weight quickly and safely and get a better body shape.

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Our clinic services start with a full medical consultation to establish your needs. You will only be recommended and advised on treatment options which are most appropriate for you.

Our open, personal and highly confidential approach is very much welcomed by patients, who invariably have initial concerns about discussing issues which are affecting them.