Temple Medical offshore weight management

An effective treatment with long term results.

Do you work offshore and are worried about your weight?

Obesity is having a serious knock-on effect on the global population and is becoming a resource drain for much of the oil and gas sector, an industry that is now taking the issue seriously. As a result, overweight employees are seeking out weight management options and treatments that delivers dramatic and long-term weight management results.Working offshore means the availability of nutritional goods may not be in abundance.  For many the Alevere products are a convenient method of weight management when wanting to lose weight offshore.

Many solutions offered are either impractical or of little use due to long periods of being away from home. At Temple Medical, we have made our Alevere programme available to the offshore industry. Using our meal replacement and supplement-based weight loss programme, we can help individuals working offshore to maximise their weight loss. Temple Medical offers continuous support to our offshore clients enrolled in the programme, regardless of your  location the service provided will still remain consistent and supportive through your transformation journey.

Our team is tackling the issue head on and is achieving startling results using the Alevere programme. The treatment is a highly effective, medically supervised weight reduction programme that includes body contouring and does not involve surgery.


Dr Sam Robson, Medical Director