treatments to help restore optimum skin health

Our aim is to help your skin look rejuvenated and healthy as quickly and effectively as possible.

Very few people are blessed with a perfect complexion.

Acne, scarring or rosacea can affect more than just your skin. These conditions can impact on your general well being, influencing your self-esteem, self-confidence and outlook on life. Many professionals may see these effects as trivial problems but we understand the importance of these issues.

At your initial consultation we will make a full assessment of your skin’s condition including lifestyle and previous treatments. You will undergo a detailed skin analysis to capture key visual information about its overall health and appearance. This will be used to monitor your progress throughout your treatment.

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skin analysis

Providing an individual analysis of your skin.

Clear, flawless skin is our ultimate goal. The first step in this journey is a skin health assessment, which provides an individual analysis of your skin and facial characteristics. This then allows us to tailor a specific programme for your skin.

Our skin analysis is performed using a mediscope. The analysis provides information on:

  • Sun damage and photo-ageing
  • Hypo and hyper pigmentation
  • Vascular lesions and spider veins
  • Skin texture
  • Pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

By identifying the skin’s condition both on and below the surface, the multi-spectrum imaging and analysis provides a clear portrait of the health of your skin. It is also an extremely useful tool in demonstrating the success of your treatments.

Looking at the factors that contribute to the health of your skin allows us to tailor the perfect treatment programme. Using clinically proven products and treatments to give you the very best results.