• 2018

  • Lose weight and reshape your body with Temple Medical

    Whether you want to lose weight or just reshape your body, let Temple Medical help you begin your amazing new life.

    Alevere Therapy

    If you want to lose a lot of weight quickly and safely with treatments that tighten your skin and reshape
    your body, all while under the care of a quali ed doctor, then Temple Medical is the place.

  • Reverse the signs of skin damage with non-surgical treatments

    Aesthetic medicine is an inclusive term for treatments that focus on improving cosmetic appearance.

    It’s no secret that you can reduce, prevent and even reverse the signs of ageing and skin damage without resorting to surgery through a non- surgical aesthetic treatment such as injections, chemical peels or skin rehydration. We can target and treat wrinkles, facial sun damage, broken blood vessels, large pores and acne scars to help you look younger, fresher and more vibrant.

  • Temple Medical secures industry recognition

    Temple Medical has secured five awards at a national event which recognises leaders in the UK aesthetics industry.

    The clinic won four awards and achieved a highly commended in the MyFaceMyBody Awards held in London on Saturday 17th March.

    It secured Best Clinic in Scotland, Best Clinic Team UK, Best Receptionist UK, the Ultimate Hall of Fame Ruby Award for three years of achievements, and highly commended recognition for the clinic’s website.

    Temple Medical secured the most award wins of the night having been shortlisted for six of the thirteen award categories.

    The MyFaceMyBody Awards are considered to be the Oscar’s of aesthetic medicine, being recognised globally, celebrating innovation and excellence within a fast growing specialty.

  • Enhance your facial balance with dermal fillers

    I decided to go for dermal fillers in my face as I have a naturally very sad face when I don’t smile. It was really beginning to effect my confidence and I started avoiding mirrors more and more. Having previously discussed the possibility of fillers with Dr Sam I just decided I could no longer deal with my sad looking face.

  • Kick Start Programme and body composition analysis

    I can see how this Kick Start Programme would be a fantastic starting point for not only people with weight loss goals, but for people who are already at their preferred weight, to allow them to further improve their health and fitness.

    Some gyms can provide similar analysis but the InBody 770 is currently one of the most advanced and accurate on the market, so if you really want to set some good fitness resolutions for 2018, booking in for a full body composition analysis would be a great start to focus on your goals toward strong, fit and healthy.

  • Thank you for giving me my life back

    When Morag Galloway first stepped through the doors at Temple Medical, she was feeling permanently tired and unhappy. At 52, Morag was pre-menopausal and exhausted. She was suffering from hot flushes, mood swings and had lost her get up and go.

    Morag first met with Dr Sam Robson in 2016 to talk about Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. She had heard mixed reports about HRT and wanted to investigate a more tailored approached to hormone replacement.

  • 2017

  • ProLon – the fasting mimicking diet

    5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet

    ProLon® is fasting with food. Meals come in 5 small boxes, one for each day, that include plant-based energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements. All ingredients have been studied and carefully designed to nourish your body and promote positive changes.

    Karen our Aesthetic Nurse kept a diary of her experience of ProLon®
    Day 1 – Sunday

    I’m excited but nervous. The box doesn’t seem to have a lot in it! We’re meeting folk for the afternoon too so need to try and work out how I eat the soup for lunch and cope with them eating in front of me!

    Breakfast is a bar. It’s sweet and tasty. Sam then tells me to half it to keep some for later – too late, I’ve hovered it with a cup of mint tea.

  • The truth behind cheap injectable treatments

    When it comes to finding bargains we often respond emotionally rather than rationally. Just think about those half price shoes (you didn’t really need) or the three for two beauty products that you have bought (even though you only needed one). These purchases are often impulsive, but we justify them by highlighting the money we have saved.

    However, when it comes to your face you really don’t want to go looking for a bargain; as the saying goes ‘buy cheap, pay twice’.

    The aesthetic industry is seen to be more profitable than ever and it has attracted more and more people to offer injectable treatments

    These treatments are perceived by some to be just ‘an advanced beauty treatment’ and as a result people who are not medically trained are picking up a needle. But you wouldn’t let your hairdresser or nail technician give you your travel vaccinations, would you?

  • Skin Boosters

    If you want to look more youthful, let us introduce you to skin boosters – the brand-new approach to improving your skin.

    We want to make sure there are even more ways to enhance, restore and refresh the appearance of your skin. So, what are they and how do skin boosters differ from other injectables like dermal fillers for example.

    Fillers are usually injected to restore volume loss whereas skin boosters are injected to improve the quality of your skin by boosting hydration levels. This improves both the radiance and the firmness of your skin.