shaping and tightening your body

Lose inches in the right places and tighten your skin.

Our body contouring treatments make a difference because nature is not always kind and losing weight does not automatically mean you will be left with a great body shape. The treatments will shape your curves and tighten your skin to make sure that your lose inches in the right places.

While surgical options are still considered to be the gold standard in most cases, we know that many people don’t want to risk going under the knife let alone take a lot of time off work….however they DO want results.

We have a number of ways we can improve your silhouette and shape by smoothing out bulges and unwanted bumps.

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Combination Treatments

First, we use a state-of-the art ultrasound to break down areas of stubborn fat.

Ultra sound can target the “diet resistant” subcutaneous fat, and endermologie will help lymphatic drainage as well as stimulating the skin cells to produce collagen, results in the skin become smoother and tighter.

Radiofrequency treatments safely and painlessly heat up the fat cells causing them to break down. The warm treatment also enhances the production of collagen that effectively shrinks the skin to fit the new slimmer contours.

Using mesotherapy, we can help mobilise fat, break down cellulite and improve the quality of the skin.

Any area on the body can be treated from thighs and tummy to love handles and arms. Unsightly pouches under the chin can be reduced and a firmer jawline can be redefined.

While these treatments will work alone, to get maximum benefit and long lasting results, it is best to ensure that you follow a healthy nutritional diet with appropriate exercise.

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ENDYMED technology

ENDYMED leads the way in radiofrequency technology, setting the standard as the only multi-source phase-controlled radiofrequency technology available, with the unique and patented 3DEEP Skin Science. It was awarded highly commended in the Aesthetics Awards energy Treatment of the Year Category